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Rory's donor story
I got into donating plasma when my oldest daughter Taylor who is now a 2nd year nurse came home from donating blood 5 years ago and said “hey Dad, what is your blood type”. I said I have no idea and when she told me she was B Negative and that it was a rare one I decided to find out and donate. I too am B negative. I donated blood 5 times when I was asked if I had the time to donate plasma and I was very happy to do this even though it takes up to an hour but when you get tea and biscuits delivered to your chair it’s worth it. The good thing about plasma donations is you can do it every 2 weeks and not every 3 months like blood. I happily go along to Takapuna once a month to do my bit and the other day I chalked up my 40th donation. Am looking forward to continuing this and I encourage all blood donors to check and see if they can donate plasma. I tell people my blood type is the opposite to my outlook on life which is B positive. That’s my story.
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