Blood Donor Blood Donor
For Bill it was an easy choice to make
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
I have been giving blood since 1973 when I was 19. I played lots of sport and was aware of sports/accident injuries and how there was a big demand for blood products in hospitals etc. It seemed a natural and easy thing to do for most healthy people. The technology has changed dramatically over the years and the discomfort/pricking is almost nil these days. So if people have a fear of needles/the pricking etc. it is a painless experience in my view. I would encourage all healthy people to donate blood as we never know when we or our families/friends may also need to receive it at some stage. It may be a lifesaving situation for the recipient and it is a very easy way to make a contribution to society in general. Hope to see you at a donor session soon! Cheers. Bill
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