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Iain's donor story
NZ Blood 300+ Donor 13.06.12 26
I started donating when I was 23 years old. A few years later my daughter Johanna was born so prematurely that the Specialist could not say if she would survive or not. Every day for 2 weeks I & my little son Jonathan (2.5 years old) would collect Johanna’s blood samples & take them to the Blood Bank in Johannesburg for testing. Johanna survived, but it was something which Jonathan said during one of our trips which really set me on the course of being a regular "life" donor .
Over the years I have made 380 donations (of whole blood, plasma & platelets). On two occasions (together with 9 other plasma donors) I know for certain that I have helped save a child’s life, but unfortunately on the third occasion we didn’t .
I am not skilled, like a Doctor or Nurse but by making my little contributions I have helped many others & for that I am pleased with myself .
However, I am very disappointed that in nearly 50 years of donating I have only been able to get TWO people to start giving regular donations.
I have been told that in our lifetimes approximately 85% of us will require blood related treatment / products, but that only 4% of all New Zealanders donate blood? With these sort of statistics NZ Blood Service is always short of donors
So please! If you can consider donating yourself or encouraging your children (as they get older), myself & many others would appreciate & benefit from your efforts

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