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Prem Manoj was 20 years old when he first donated blood in India and since his move to New Zealand, he has realised how different the blood donation process is, but the donors he says, are just as selfless.

Prem is a Senior Tester for FNZ Wellington, a financial technology company who provide multi-channel wealth management services for clients across the world. His day to day revolves around software testing but since taking on the role of Team Red Captain, he’s added a few more diverse tasks to his to-do list.

Team Red is a New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) initiative with one sole purpose – to encourage people to donate blood in groups and it’s open to all work places, social clubs even groups of friends.

It was thanks to Prem that FNZ Wellington welcomed the Team Red initiative with open arms. Prem had just been to his community’s local blood drive when he saw a Team Red banner. Curious to learn more, he chatted with a NZBS staff member and before he knew it, he was the designated Team Red captain at FNZ Wellington.

“The moment I learned about Team Red I wanted to bring it back to my workplace – I knew a cause like this would thrive in our work environment”, says Prem.

“NZBS’s setup of Team Red here at FNZ Wellington was so quick and straightforward and the response from my colleagues has been really great. We found there were several people that were really keen to donate!”.

FNZ Wellington is no stranger to an active and healthy work culture, through its Culture Club, staff organise monthly Yoga sessions and encourage the team to participate in sporting events like cricket, football and netball. Culture Club also circulates informative emails to help promote healthier lifestyles to all staff members - it came as no surprise that a Team Red here would flourish.

For Prem, it all dates back to that first donation in India, when he was asked to donate for one of his closest friend’s family members who needed emergency heart surgery. In New Zealand, we know that blood will be there for us wherever and whenever we might need it, thanks to our amazing voluntary blood donors who donate knowing it could help a stranger in need. But no matter where you are, Prem says all it takes is a bit of courage to take that extra step and commit to a donation.

Prem Team Red

While FNZ Wellington’s Team Red is only six months old, they’ve already recruited over 15 members. As Team Red captain, Prem is constantly working to spread the word and recruit more people to join the cause. As Prem says, no matter where in the world you are donating and whether you’re donating for someone you know or don’t know, it all goes towards changing someone’s life for the better, a motto FNZ Wellington’s Team Red now lives by.

To find out more about how you can join Team Red, click here or call 0800 GIVE BLOOD.

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