Hillcrest High School Leading the way using NZBS Educational Resources

Thanks to vampire fiction and movies, many young people imagine grisly or romantic images in association with giving blood. Willingly donating blood and understanding its importance may not be something they’ve given much personal thought to just yet.

However at Hillcrest High School in Hamilton, the importance of donating blood is well and truly recognised thanks to their social studies class using the Educational Resources linked in with the science, social studies, English, health and physical education curriculums available from New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS).

Using the resources, the Hillcrest High School social studies class ran school’s most successful blood drive to date, even receiving the ‘Most Successful School’ award in the Waikato from NZBS. The class explored social action – values, the restoration of rights and participatory citizenship and it became much more than just a class assignment.

“The students got more donations than the school has ever had – over 90 donors! But it wasn’t just about the donations, they organised the blood drive from start to finish; signing people up, creating posters, performing in assemblies, and holding a blood themed day”, explains social studies teacher, Ryan Cox.
“The teaching units focussed on restoring rights and social responsibility and this got the students really excited. Even though many students weren’t old enough to give blood, the sense of responsibility and social action that was fostered is a value for life.

“NZBS has an excellent range of creative teaching resources that are curriculum-linked and will not only teach students about the amazing functions of blood and the circulatory system, but really impart the importance of blood donation and how it saves lives,” says Mr Cox.

NZBS says a big thank you to the students and staff of Hillcrest High School. 270 people, not to mention their loved ones, could benefit from the 90 donations – as one whole blood donation has the potential to save up to three people’s lives.

About the resources:

The NZBS educational material supports teachers to develop their students’ knowledge through digital or paper-based resources for year 7 (Level 3 and 4) through to 13, on a range of topics from “Amazing Blood”, “Take Action”, to how donating blood saves lives.

To find out more about NZBS’s range of teaching resources, please click here or email us at education@nzblood.co.nz

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