Feeling Under The Weather?

Put your feet up and have a rest. Once you are better, you'll need to wait a week (just to be safe).

My Last Donation

You'll need to wait until 3 months have passed since your last whole blood donation before you can donate.


Congrats on the baby! We recommend that you wait until your little munchkin has been weaned off breast milk for at least 3 months before you come in for a donation.

Getting a Tattoo

Got some new ink? We can't wait to see it, but you'll have to hold off for 6 months after getting it before you can donate.

Getting a Piercing

Now: If you have just had your ears or any other part of your body pierced and this was performed with clean, single use (disposable) equipment by a registered health professional (eg. a pharmacist, GP, dentist etc.) and any inflammation has settled completely, you can donate blood now.

6 Months: If the piercing was performed by any other person, you'll need to wait for 6 months before you can donate.


Being a mum comes first, so you can't donate if you're pregnant. You'll have to wait 9 months after your baby's born and if you're breastfeeding, you'll need to wait an additional 3 months after you stop breastfeeding.

Going to the Dentist

24 Hours: If it was only minor stuff like a filling or adjusting your braces, you'll be good to go tomorrow.

7+ Days: Anything more complex could take either a week or a month of rest, so give us a call before you book in so we can let you know.


Back from a holiday? Once you've re-adjusted to the kiwi time, click here for our Donating after Travel tool to see when you can donate.

Other Criteria

How old do i have to be?

If you are over 16 you can donate as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, including the height and weight for new donors. See our criteria here.

Is there an age limit?

New donors can donate up to their 66th birthday.

Regular donors may donate until they turn 71. From their 71st to 76th birthday they'll need yearly approval of an NZBS Medical Officer.


Sometimes size does count. If you're under 50kg, you won't be eligible to give blood. New donors under 25 years of age will also need to meet the height and weight criteria. Click here to see if you're eligible.


If you're taking something other than oral contraceptives, it's best to call us up and have a chat about it. Our number is 0800 448 325 (and please ask to speak to a nurse).

Have a bite to eat before you come in and make sure you are hydrated.

Don't forget your ID. Please bring a document (or documents) with 3 unique points of personal information: full name, photograph, date of birth, home address. A school or work ID card may provide some or all of the required information.

Has this helped?

If so, please share this to help make blood donation easier for everyone. If you've still got a question, give us a call on 0800 448 325.

Our biggest priority is ensuring the blood and blood products being transfused to patients are as safe as they can be. Unfortunately that means we have to turn down donors who do not meet the criteria.

Travelled to the UK, Republic of Ireland or France?

If you lived in the UK, France or Republic of Ireland between the 1st January 1980 and 31st December 1996 for a total period of 6 months or more (or recieved a blood transfusion in these countries during this time) you will unfortunately be permanently deferred from donating blood in New Zealand. Why? Increasing scientific data suggests that people might harbour the infectious agent of the human form of mad-cow disease (vCJD), but not develop the disease. There are no blood tests currently available for vCJD, therefore this is a concern for us, as without the ability to screen the blood for it, this puts patients at risk.

Behavioural donor deferral criteria

We've recently reviewed our behavioural donor deferral policy. You can read the report here.

Even if you can't give blood, it doesn't mean you can't be a supporter. Spreading the word is just as important (because if no one knew about us, we'd stop being able to do what we do). And you can still support us by encouraging your eligible family and friends to donate in your place.