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Blood donor

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James Minton and family square

James: 40 donations, still going strong


I first gave blood when I was 16 when the blood drive came to Long Bay College. A few of the guys all agreed to go, because it got us out of class as much as anything else. After that, meeting the friendly nurses, I went back regularly whenever they came to the North Harbour stadium.

After my 10th donation, one of the team asked if I'd heard of plasma or platelet donation. It means you can give more frequently and help save more lives! Well, I was all for that.
In recent years I've learned a lot about how blood and plasma are used, and how many people they help! One of my close friends and workmate has been battling secondary breast cancer, and when I found out that plasma is crucial to many cancer treatments, I redoubled my efforts, going along every fortnight where possible. I wanted to be a part of the solution, to help those who are suffering get to have a chance at life again.

In another two weeks I'll hit my 40th donation and I'm still going strong. I've come to know many of the regular nursing staff well and it is a great social activity thanks to them. Plus, who can say no to those free coffees and biscuits?